Our Environment is considered a critical social and economic asset that needs to be addressed seriously if we are to preserve the quality of life for ourselves and the generations to come.

The hotel Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa, from the very first day of its construction, took the first steps towards environmental protection be respecting people, nature and cultural aspects of Kefalonia, our unique island, and showing our Guests how we demonstrate our commitment to protect Kefalonia’s unprecedented nature, culture and civilization for the years to come.

Hotel Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa have responsibility and commitment to work with the supply chain and other local stakeholders for a more sustainable and greener future. Reducing energy demands, waste and water usage results in reducing our environment footprint and providing a good example to our hotel team and collaborators.

Sustainability also means to take care of our employees, the heart of our operations, improve customer satisfaction and staff morale, and enhance our operations overall.


Our Sustainability Policies consist of:

  • Environmental Vision

Hotel Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa management and employees are committed to environmental   protection and implementation of a relevant management system to reduce the hotel’s impact on the environment and continuously improve its performance.


  • Environmental Goals
  1. Ensure that we comply with all applicable legislations and regulations
  2. Collaborate with the local and state authorities for implementing legislation and regulations
  3. Adopt procedures and measures which minimize our environmental impact
  4. Plan and implement reliable and productive processes, services and infrastructure
  5. Regularly set, measure and monitor environment targets and programs
  6. Take corrective and preventive actions whenever necessary
  7. Provide training and other skills to new and existing employees
  8. Encourage our employees to improve their sense of responsibility towards the environment
  9. Invite Guests and local community to support our environmental efforts


  • Human Resources Commitment

Hotel Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa firmly believes that human resources are critical to an employee oriented, productive workplace in which staff are energized and engaged. We are committed in investing and promoting our people for their personal, economic and professional development.

Furthermore, we commit in maintaining an efficient workplace that improves the morale and productivity of employees and minimizes complaints, disruptions and inefficiencies. The hotel is against all forms of awful and unfair discrimination. All applicants and employees will be treated fairly and will not be discriminated.


  • Quality Commitment

Hotel Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa aims to become one of the top residencies in Kefalonia in terms of quality and Guest satisfaction. The hotel affirms that is highly committed to providing high quality services with an aim to satisfy all needs and expectations of our valued Guests.


  • Health & Safety Commitment

The hotel management is responsible for the health & safety of all hotel Guests and staff and is committed to conduct all necessary actions towards the above.


  • Community Commitment

The Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa aims in working closely with the local society (communities, administrations, businesses, other organizations and individuals) for achieving sustainable development, developing the surrounding communities, and protecting the local environment, history and culture. By operating our hotel responsibly, implementing legislation and respecting our stakeholders, we create strong ties with the local society and build a respectful reputation.


  • Human Rights Commitment

The Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa supports, promotes and implements human rights as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO’s Declaration. As a responsible company, the Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa is against all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All people are treated fairly and will not be discriminated on the basis of gender, marital status, religious belief, political opinion, race, disability, sexual orientation and age. The management commits in raising awareness and cooperating with responsibility authorities if such a need arises.


  • Child protection

The Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa is very sensitive to the safety and protection of children and their rights. We understand that sexual exploitation and other forms of child abuse can happen in the tourism industry. As a result, our hotel is committed to protect all children against any form of exploitation, abuse or labor.


With due respect to our ultimate asset, the Environment.



The Apollonion Asterias Resort & Spa Management